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Online Security. Shopping Convenience. Personal Freedom.
TravelersCash® Card is a prepaid card that gives you 24 hour access to your funds in any currency when traveling.
This re-loadable card is not linked to your bank account. And if it's lost or stolen, your balance is replaced within 24 hours.
TravelersCash - Travel Convenience and Security Travel Convenience and Security
Travelerscash Bullet Re-loadable online, or at any of the participating locations
Travelerscash Bullet Accepted at over 1,000,000 ATM’s worldwide (24 hours).
Travelerscash Bullet Accepted at tens of million of points of services locations worldwide.
Travelerscash Bullet Account information available online, at ATMs’, by phone or mobile.
Travelerscash Bullet Multi-currency withdrawal options.
Travelerscash Bullet Can track expenditures and control them.
Travelerscash Bullet Card to Card real time money transfer worldwide.
Travelerscash Bullet Funds can only be accessed with Personal Identification Number (PIN). No need to carry cash!
TravelersCash - Travel & Emergency Assistance Services Travel & Emergency Assistance Services
Don’t worry and be a happy traveler. Let us assist you with medical, travel emergencies, interpretation problems, and even if you are an Identity Theft victim. Get all the help you may need when traveling.

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TravelersCash - Phone Card Phone Card
Use your card as a phone card! Simply call 866-254-8566 and enter your password. Charges will be automatically deducted from the available balance on your card.

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